The major prepares students for graduate and professional training in law, medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, music criticism, journalism, art history, economics, political science, history and public policy, among other disciplines.  Graduates in African and African American Studies will be equipped to function at the highest levels of professional life, with skill-sets consisting of critical analysis, mediation, creative and effective outcome design, and a sophisticated understanding of how diversity works in a globalized pluralistic world.

The major requires ten courses, eight of which must be at the 200-level or above. Students may choose one of the two following options.

The Americas Focus

Major Requirements:

  • AAAS102
  • AAAS103
  • Three Courses focusing on the Americas
  • AAAS4995 (Senior Seminar)
  • Four Additional AAAS courses

The Africa Focus

Major Requirements

  • AAAS102
  • AAAS103
  • Three courses focusing on Africa
  • AAAS 4995 (Senior Seminar)
  • Four additional AAAS courses

The minor requires five courses, two of which must be AAAS 102 and 103, and three of which must be at the 200-level or above.


Interested in majoring or minoring in African and African American Studies please contact:

Professor Stephen Smith, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Declaring a major or minor in African and African American Studies contact:

The Academic Advising Center to fill out your long-range plan.

  • phone: 919-684-6217
  • hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
  • email:

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